BKS22: Froki has gold in his hands

BKS22: Froki has gold in his hands

What is your favorite Froukje phrase? Mine: I’m in the counter locker. I wanted to know if it was a good fit. Funny little picture. It’s kind of a tragedy, but not much. Froukje is good at it: drawing everyday worries and doubts. Not necessarily severe depression, but just things that come to our mind from time to time. Why not call back? Who is that ugly person in the mirror?

Fruki has yet to release her debut album, but she effortlessly plays for an hour filled with catchy synth-pop songs, the work being put together for her album The Musicians. In her raucous introduction, she winks at the song she’ll hold until the end, before beginning with her major single ‘Greater Than Ik’, a song about climate anxiety and other concerns by Journaal. Reckless youth time, won’t come back, she sings a little later, to make us happily dance and laugh at him. They are ideas that fit the inclination from childhood to adulthood, but the 35-year-old here in the tent hasn’t forgotten that moment.

After a fiery start, Fruki made her songs smaller and smaller, even playing the love song “A Sign” by herself, followed by the song “Light and Dark.” She also looks very hidden in the big tent. Perhaps precisely because her band was sometimes a bit stylized, especially guitar and drums. This is especially true of the new rock tune “Is Dit Echt,” which is a really good thing. It’s simply at its best when you go on an e-tour, Moderat style.

Fortunately, Fruukji still has four top hits in store for the end of her collection. Four songs in which its characteristic tone prevails. It gives its original sense of melody a great deal of space. In which she sings flawlessly and sings comically. Where it reappears with a dreamy look on the big screens. The best kept secret has a mass crush.

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