February 8, 2023

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Tax Telephone missed hundreds of thousands of calls due to insufficient staffing

Tax Telephone missed hundreds of thousands of calls due to insufficient staffing


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Due to the lack of personnel in the Tax and Customs Department, citizens and companies who have called the tax information line have been unable to answer their questions about 900,000 times in recent months. This is confirmed by the tax authorities Previous posting from NRCWho asked for numbers from the organization.

This shows that 2.6 million calls were made to the tax information line in the months of August, September and October. About 500,000 times a call was rejected because the queue was too long and the calling system immediately terminated the call.

Approximately 400,000 times people locked themselves in queues because they had to wait too long. On average, people had to wait 15 minutes to get an employee on the line.

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The Tax and Customs Department is facing many recruitment problems and due to the shortage in the labor market, the organization is facing difficulty in finding employees. last summer National Ombudsman warned that he had received a notable number of complaints about the accessibility of the tax phone. He has already warned of far-reaching consequences.

The Tax and Customs Administration hopes to accommodate people with additional information on the site and a call back option.

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