British media considers trailers for Harry and Meghan’s documentaries ‘misleading’

British media considers trailers for Harry and Meghan's documentaries 'misleading'

The trailers show multiple archive footage of the events that British reporters say have nothing to do with the couple. It is also suggested that an image was cropped to show that Harry and Meghan were further apart during a royal moment, when they were getting close to Queen Elizabeth.

One of the images shown is a photo of a group of photographers. Harry then said he had to “do everything he could to protect his family,” referencing his step backwards within the royal family, for which the massive media attention he is partly responsible for. according to the sun However, the paparazzi’s photo was taken at the premiere of Harry Potter In 2011. At that time, Harry and Megan had not even met.

There is also a chase in the trailer where the prince and his wife seem to be being chased just like Princess Diana. These pictures include: Sky News And the subway By reality star Katie Price. Another quest will also have nothing to do with the couple.

An image of the balcony scene in Trooping the Color in 2019, which shows Harry discussing the hierarchy within the royal family, is believed to have been The telegraph Cuts. Pictured in the trailer, Prince William and Princess Catherine appear to be much closer to the Queen, while according to the newspaper, Harry and Meghan are even closer.

The first three episodes of the documentary series Harry and Megan appear Thursday. The last three follow a week later.

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