Targeting US airport sites by Russian hackers

Aside from the additional purchase of raw materials, China has not actually exported much to Russia. And companies that have done so have come under pressure from the central authorities. The reason is quite simple, the Russian market is not really interesting, especially if you can no longer deal with the United States and the European Union in return. Do not forget that the Dutch economy with a population of 16 million is about 80% of the Russian economy and a population of 140 million, so in the end you do not sell many different goods in Russia.

I think world government is not important what is important to introduce representative democracy with multiple parties in as many countries as possible and especially without district systems that ensure there are only two parties and a large portion of the vote is no longer visible in elected bodies such as Parliament or the Senate.

When you look at countries where extremists come to power or threaten to gain power, it’s almost all of these types of regimes that make that possible.
France, Italy, Hungary, the United States and the United Kingdom are good examples where governments represent minorities in the population but nonetheless govern. And then getting to extreme power becomes much easier. Whereas in Holland, Germany and Sweden, the most extreme groups on both sides often reach ceilings of about 10/20% of the population. The people who vote for her are then listened to and represented, but they can’t easily take over everything.

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