Take two off an unannounced game Volt from Hangar 13 that cost 45 million to be canceled – Games – News

Game publisher Take Two Interactive has had a game in the works codenamed Volt for a while. It was created by developer Hangar 13. The unannounced game was eventually canceled, and Take Two cost 45 million.

Take-Two names the cost element as Latest quarterly numbers. The company wrote in the statement that it was forced to write off $53 million, or 45 million euros, due to a “decision not to continue developing an undisclosed address.” according to Bloomberg It relates to a project entitled Volt. In it, the superheroes will play against each other online.

Sources told the news agency that the unannounced game “has gone through multiple iterations” since it came off the drawing board. The price tag of 45 million also seemed to indicate that development was already at an advanced stage. The game makers have been working on the game since 2017.

It is said that the development of the game has been delayed due to the problems surrounding the Corona crisis. Also, the game had undergone multiple reboots and had technical issues. Volt will be made by Hangar 13. This is the studio of 2K Games, which in turn is part of Take Two. Hangar 13 is best known for Mafia III.

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