T died. Mark Taylor, creator of He-Man and Masters of the Universe

T died.  Mark Taylor, creator of He-Man and Masters of the Universe

Mark Taylor, one of the driving forces behind the success, among others he is a man in a masters of the universeHe died at the age of eighty. of immense popularity masters of the universeThe dolls he designed for the toy manufacturer Mattel sold tens of millions of copies in the 1980s.

As he stood in the cradle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is the franchisor with a long-running animated series and action movies and a tagline: “Cowabunga!”

Mattel brought a line of toys masters of the universe From the early 1980s, with accompanying picture books. The action character He-Man is best known for the animated series, which later appeared on the tube and was seen all over the world.

The story of a muscular superhero takes place on the planet Eternia. He-Man is the alter ego of Prince Adam, son of the King and Queen. He has a magical sword that allows him to transform into He-Man, who protects the castle of Eternia from the evil Skeletor and his minions.


Taylor worked as a team to come up with masters of the universe And design multiple characters, such as Battle Cat and Skeletor. Although there is no official creator, fans in particular give Taylor, along with designer Mattel Roger Sweet, credit for his iconic designs.

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