Sywert van Lienden Aid generated tons of profit in 2021 | interior

Sywert van Lienden Aid generated tons of profit in 2021 |  interior

Sywert van Lienden’s Aid Troops Alliantie made a profit of more than seven hundred thousand euros last year. This is evidenced by the annual figures recently submitted to the Chamber of Commerce, he writes Norwegian Refugee Council.

The operating company, which falls under the discredited Sywert van Lienden Auxiliary Forces Alliance Corporation, posted significant profits in the year after Corona. That is more than 700,000 euros in 2021.

Rapid tests and mouthpieces were sold through throughout that year, according to the NRC. It looked as if Van Lienden was doing it without a profit motive. Net profit in 2020 has already reached nearly 900 thousand euros. In 2021, this amount increased to more than 1.6 million euros. The annual report states that none of these dividends have been distributed. In total, there is still more than 1.2 million euros in cash for the operating company, a private limited company suspended under the foundation.

In July of this year, Judges Van Lienden and Bernd Damme dismissed the Auxiliary Alliance Foundation (SHA), because they had been operating in violation of their laws. Via Relief Goods Alliance (RGA), Van Gestel, Van Lienden and Damme have made millions of euros in profits by selling mouthguards, while Van Lienden has always said publicly “don’t do it”.

The current SHA director is Wouter Jongepier, because Van Lienden and his business partner Bernd Damme were fired by the court in July. The previous directors filed an appeal against this earlier this month. Camille van Gestel, third business partner, has resigned as director.

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