Maxima shines in a new evening dress during a Greek official banquet

Maxima shines in a new evening dress during a Greek official banquet

Against all odds, Queen Maxima still wore a wreath tonight. and what!

King Philip and Queen Mathilde recently sat down for a cocktail, but Queen Maxima decided to pull out all stops for the Greek state banquet.

Photo: PPE/Van Katwijk

Just as during the day, the Queen will also be wearing a design from a Greek label tonight. Costarillos this time!

The sapphire wreath belongs to a set (set) ordered by King William III in 1888 from the French goldsmith Mélirio. A quick overview of all parts of the kit:

1: wreath
2: necklace
3: earrings
4: bracelet
5: brooch
6: Devant corsage
7: fan

Tonight the Queen wears the numbers 1, 5 and 6a. So the Defant de Corsage (large chest brooch) was dismantled and partly hung on a brooch. This combination has appeared quite often in recent years.

© PPE/rpe/van Katwijk

Queen Juliana is shown below with six of the seven pieces of the kit. Only the impeller is missing.

It’s the twelfth time we’ve seen the Queen with the Jewel. The Diamond Gang counter is currently seventeen, so it will be some time before Mellerio becomes Máxima’s favourite. But…. Still a beautiful second.

Would you like to read more about Sapphire Milerio? Then take a look on this page.

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