Sweden’s third party leader may start forming a new government | Currently

Sweden's third party leader may start forming a new government |  Currently

Ulf Christerson, the leader of Sweden’s moderate Union party, may begin to form a new government. Although this right-wing party came third in the election, Christerson is likely to become the new prime minister of the Scandinavian country.

Before the elections, Swedish parties united into a right-wing bloc and a left-wing bloc. Although the left-wing Social Democrats led by incumbent Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson received the largest number of votes, the left-wing bloc failed to win a majority of 173 out of 349 seats.

The right-wing bloc gained a majority with 176. Among the right-wing parties, the anti-immigration and nationalist Swedish Democratic Party became the largest. This was followed by Christerson’s moderate conservative Union Party.

Normally, the leader of the Swedish Democrats, Jimmy Akesson, becomes prime minister. But due to his extreme views, other parties do not want to support him as the new prime minister. Swedish Democrats probably won’t enter government either, but they can influence government policy by building tolerance.

Kristerson is likely to succeed Anderson, who has indicated he will step down. Swedish Parliament Speaker Christerson gave the green light on Monday to start forming a new government.

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