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Over 40 minutes of gameplay from Diablo IV appeared online. Unlike the recent GTA 6 leak, it appears that this is a private stream that was recorded by someone, and not the result of a cyber attack.

Around Two videos, where the first short part shows how some anonymous people are talking about a user named Skye. This person is said to be broadcasting the game via Discord. The images are watermarked stating that they are a special test version of Diablo IV. Blizzard has previously released several official gameplay announcements and the leaked images don’t seem to contain much new information about the upcoming game.

Among other things VGC . guesses It pertains to pictures of friends and family alpha. Thanks to this closed alpha test, Diablo IV has appeared on the Internet many times. It is not clear whether Blizzard de leaker From the pictures or maybe the person playing the game, he wants and can track it by watermark. Early access usually requires the parties to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Several parts of the shorter game have already appeared online due to the test program in question.

Diablo IV was already postponed more than once It does not have an official release date yet. Obviously the game It will be released in June 2023 For PC, PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X, and S. Based on the leaked images, the game appears to be in an advanced stage of development.

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