February 7, 2023

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Sweden's ruling party to join NATO • 'Donbass attack lost momentum'

Sweden’s ruling party to join NATO • ‘Donbass attack lost momentum’

Ukraine reacts with joy to the country’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. I watched Olga Radionova. “I’m lonely, because the rest of my family has left Kyiv,” she told reporter Roel Bao in Ukraine. “So when we won, I shouted on my own. I’m really happy for Ukraine, it’s really a very nice day for us. And thank you, all the countries in Europe that supported us. It means a lot to us. Us.”

Taras Moshkalo watched the Eurovision Song Contest with his wife last night. “I’ll tell you honestly, when the results came out, I cried,” says The Hard Thirty. “Not only because of the band’s performance, but also because of all the heroism of Ukrainian fighters defending our country. I was also touched by the support from Europe.”

He didn’t have a drink to win. “I don’t drink at all anymore. I think I should always be prepared for all conceivable emergencies.” Eurovision, as it is called in Ukraine, cannot be celebrated due to the curfew. The cafes are closed and you are not allowed to go outside after 10pm. “I also find it too inappropriate to celebrate it too hard. The times are not. But I think our victory is at hand, and then we’ll make up for all those parties, birthdays, and holidays we had to miss.”

Another woman thought it was a little late yesterday, but today she is going to celebrate the victory with her friends and her husband who is on leave from the army for a day. “We’re going to eat pizza. I’m really happy with our win. This is the first win and definitely won’t be the last.”

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