Sunday Night Football: Chargers outperform Steelers with a 41-37 . win

Sunday Night Football: Chargers outperform Steelers with a 41-37 . win

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For a few minutes in the fourth quarter, it looked like the Chargers were going to add another game to their long list of crushing defeats.

The Steelers had made a furious comeback with a blocked kick and interception and a fourth down stop – building a 37-34 lead with 3:24 left in the fourth quarter.

But the chargers were able to stave off heartbreak. In the third play of the next Los Angeles drive, the quarterback Justin Herbert Throw a arrow wide Mike Williams down the left sideline and Williams captured the touchdown for 53 yards.

That was enough for Los Angeles to win 41-37.

The Steelers got the ball back, but bags back to back Ben Roethlisberger She left Pittsburgh with 4th and 29th from her 3-yard streak. Roethlisberger’s fourth pass fell down incomplete.

The Chargers were in control for most of the match, leading 27-10 with the kicker Dustin Hopkins’41 yards late field goal with 3:40 left in the third quarter.

And even when Boswell hit a 36-yard field target and ran back Nagy Harris‘A 1-yard touchdown cut the score to 27-20, the Chargers regained their lead to 14 with a run back Austin EcklerFourth landing at night.

That’s when the Steelers scored 17 points in less than two minutes of game time before Herbert once again put Los Angeles in the lead for good.

Herbert didn’t make many mistakes on Sunday, finishing 30 of 41 for 382 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. Even the selection wasn’t exactly a bad decision, as the ball went off defensively and blocked Cam Hayward’s helmet before the corner kick. Cameron Sutton He fished diving for a spin.

Herbert’s legs were also a major factor in the competition, as he lunged nine times for 90 yards—including 36 yards.

receiver Kenan Allen He led the way with nine catching for 112 yards. Mike Williams has five goals for 97 yards, including a game-winning score. Ekeler had four touchdowns total, two lunge and two receiving, along with 115 yards of melee.

In allowing for the first 33 touchdowns and 533 yards of attack, the Steelers clearly missed out on breaking through the edge. TJ Wattback corner, Joe Hadensafety Minka Fitzpatrick. Watt and Haden are discharged due to injury and Fitzpatrick is on the COVID-19 list. The Charger only attempted one kick, which Pittsburgh blocked.

Roethlisberger just returned to the squad on Saturday after missing last week’s game due to a positive COVID-19 test. Despite not practicing, he finished 28 of 44 for 273 yards with three touchdowns. Deontay Johnson Seven receptions for 101 yards with touchdowns. And Claypool chase Five grabs 93 yards.

But that wasn’t enough for a win on the West Coast.

At 5-4-1, the Steelers will be on the road next week as well to take on the Bengals 6-4.

At 6-4, the Chargers will attempt to carry their momentum into next week’s road match with Division 5 competitor Broncos.

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