Suddenly many children have corona

Suddenly many children have corona

Medics from Damien General Hospital in the Belgian municipality of Ostend have no explanation for the sudden increase in the number of children reporting coronavirus complaints. Within a week, ten knocked on their doors due to respiratory complaints, both infants and teens. Company spokesperson Kevin Mullet tells Public Broadcasting Corporation VRT You have never experienced this before during the Corona crisis.

Fortunately, none of the children was seriously ill, Mollet says: “They usually had some respiratory infections, which were very similar to RSV, which we see a lot during this period. But when we did the testing, it turned out to be a Covid infection.” We haven’t had to accept any children in intensive care. They usually stay for a few days for observation, after which they can continue to recover at home.” At the moment, there are still 3 children infected with coronavirus in AZ Damiaan.

A separate area for children with COVID-19 has been created so that they can be cared for in safe conditions. The omikron variant is suspected as the possible instigator.

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