Subsidies for electric cars will remain at around 3,000 euros next year

Subsidies for electric cars will remain at around 3,000 euros next year
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The subsidy for new electric cars will remain at €2,950 next year. Minister of State (Infrastructure) Heijnen wrote in a letter to Parliament that she was backing down from the proposed reduction in subsidies. The CDA member is shocked by the lagging demand from consumers for clean cars.

Subsidies for electric cars are called SEPP subsidies. This year you can get €2,950 for a new electric car. The condition is that the car does not cost more than 45,000 euros. A €2,000 subsidy is available for used electric cars.

Car buyers will largely ignore subsidies for electric vehicles this year, it was announced last month. Trade organizations BOVAG and ANWB are also hearing from car dealers that there is less demand.

It was gradually phased out

The Royal Society RAI says it appreciates the Secretary of State’s move. “However, this is a small step in the right direction; further measures are urgently needed. Such as continued support from 2025 and tax incentives.” He writes Trade Association.

The subsidy for fully new electric cars reached 4,000 euros in 2021 and was then phased out. The idea behind this was that electric cars would become cheaper over the years. As a result, less support will be needed to convince people to buy.

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