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Several major and minor sub-forums that were closed last week in protest of the API changes have reopened. Moderators change the rules so that, for example, only pictures of comedian John Oliver are allowed.

Most of the sub-forums that closed in protest last week have reopened. Some of the major subreddits are still closed and said they will stay longer, including /r/music. It is difficult to say which subforums are still open and which are now closed; Earlier Keep track of the number of closed subpages It has not been maintained since reopening.

Filers who are still working together to coordinate procedures are now calling for other amendments to set up alternative forms of protest. This way, subreddits can remain open, but there are still some policy restrictions. For example, moderators can temporarily close a subreddit only on certain days. Other subreddits, such as /r/ MetalMemes, tagged as nsfw. This protest relates to API changes that don’t allow nsfw posts to be redirected.

There are also many sub-forums in which moderators control what is allowed to be posted as well. This varies by subreddit, however /r/WellThatSucks It does this by only allowing images of vacuum cleaners. One of the most viral protests at the moment is the posting of photos of comedian and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver. This is also happening in the largest subreddits on the platform, incl /r/ gifs And /r/picswhere nothing but the British prankster can be seen.

The meme is in most cases the result of user surveys. Moderators allow users to vote on what should happen to the subreddit. Permanent shutdown was often an option, but users usually chose an alternative form of protest. moderators He says That the invocation has no end date, but the question is whether that is the case. Earlier this week, several subreddit moderators appeared to have received a message from Reddit demanding that the platform reopen subs. Otherwise, Reddit will take over the subreddits themselves.

The protests were in response to a recent political change on Reddit. This will charge you money for using the API. It also imposes restrictions about nsfw content on this API. As a result, third party tools and applications can no longer be used. Earlier this month, Tweakers wrote a seminal article about the protests on the platform.

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