Anita Wetzier: ‘Heartbreaking because I haven’t seen my daughter’s disordered eating’

Anita Wetzier: 'Heartbreaking because I haven't seen my daughter's disordered eating'

At the table with Eva Genik, Julia said she felt “behind” for a long time. “Because I was in,” she explains. For example, Julia explains that she “only” fell in love for the first time when she was nineteen. “The train of life passed in front of me,” she says. “It’s because of my eating disorder.” “I suffered after that. I realized a lot,” said Julia, who could now laugh at it.

When Anita reads the first passages of Julia’s book, in which she explains what her eating disorder has done to her, it really hits her. “Only then was I able to experience pain and grief for the first time. Because I did not know and did not understand,” the presenter explains. “I didn’t particularly understand that. It was heartbreaking. It was very sad, because then I realized how much she was suffering and I couldn’t see that, and therefore I couldn’t help her.”

At the same time, Julia also did not want anyone to find out about her problem. “I was so ashamed. I thought: No one should ever know this.”

“Where haven’t you done so well” Anita often asks herself. “But I don’t know the answer, I must be guilty of it.” Then she quotes beauty ideals that women face. “I don’t excuse myself because I should have seen it.” When Julia stayed home due to an eating disorder, Anita said she had to “knock the table with her fist”. “But I didn’t.”

For people who might recognize themselves in Anita and Julia’s story, the two offer some advice. “Be there and listen. The only question is: What do you need from me? And you have to accept that and put your mother’s ego aside,” says Anita. Julia recommends people start talking. “Because you can also seek help earlier. But then you can get professional help faster.”

And now Julia feels “better than ever.” “It also makes me feel more than ever. I have to look at everything, which is very annoying sometimes, but really.”

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