Strange plot in the end Prince Charming | TV thermometer

Strange plot in the end Prince Charming |  TV thermometer

The long-awaited Prince Charming finale has finally arrived. It remains exciting to me until the last (!) moment that the Prince chooses. Is he the hot scott or the real jacob? Although it seemed like a successful race for Jacob in the past few episodes, Scott suddenly seemed to be catching up.

red flag

And all because of the advice of the prince’s friends and family. Because there is a job interview in the program. Both gentlemen are allowed to make video calls with their loved ones from Prince Chris. While Limburg’s mother Hani and sister Esther ask if would-be in-laws could handle his loss (because it’s so easy during the Monopoly games at Christmas), polling with friends Joshua and Francian is a lot heavier. They eventually choose Jacob physically, but he still enjoys fame red flag.

During their first 24-hour romantic date, Scott was the one physically loved by Prince Charming. The men kiss so violently from the first minute that I think for a moment a hot air balloon is exploding on them. Once in the air the view will be the worst, they obviously only have eyes for each other. I haven’t counted the number of kisses in history – I gave up somewhere at 647 – but Scott is clearly the winner in this segment. Probably because he keeps his lips wet, so you know I’ll try that from now on. As soon as they reached the hotel room, the gentlemen immediately took a shower. And the only thing we want to hear at breakfast is if he’s also stopped kissing in bed…

spoon spoon

There’s no time for an honest answer, because the finalist is already ready with his wagon for the next date. Jacob loves to be active. It is difficult to find movement on the sailboat because there is no wind. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun. There might be a little kissing this time, but more laughter. The men wake up the next morning and the sheets are shuffled again suddenly.

Just as I prefer (not that it matters, but hey), Jakop, after a few minutes, seems to be back at Scott all of a sudden. Because while one finalist has the prince to himself, another can call home for a few minutes. During production – long live the pandemic – they also clearly spotted video calls. Scott got the golden advice from his family: “Maybe you should put on another fiery show,” well these are exactly the “Cat in the Corner” we’ve been waiting for as viewers for weeks! So I would pick Scott right away, especially for the humor in this pair.

An unexpected turn of events

In the evening, the last party takes place where Marvin, last year’s Prince, was proposed to a few weeks ago. So this is promising. Like I can’t stand it anymore – oh my god, how could Chris remember all those words at such a slow pace?! – He reveals that he does not follow the advice of others, but listens to his heart. So it’s Jack! However the real Jacob! Scott is defeated and then he also has to hand his tie. With Jacob there is an arc around it. Guys fall into each other’s arms and don’t seem to understand it yet. By the way, that last awkward shot they drove together in that old time was unnecessary for me, by the way. But the prince chose with his heart and they live happily ever after… or do they?

not at all! What a drama! Next week’s reunion promises to reveal a strange plot twist after the end. I know, I’ve been kicked a thousand times before in that damned joke at the end of every episode. But this time it’s about the words and not about a modified part. The prince literally says, “When the two men that I love come home together… it is of course very painful.” Unfortunately, it seems Prince and Jacob aren’t together anymore, but when the two rivals suddenly fall for each other, he goes crazy. Then the prince may have followed his heart, but it ended up being broken in the most painful way.”

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