Stock Market Appearance: Job growth in the United States is disappointing again

Beursblik: banengroei in VS valt weer tegen

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) US job growth was disappointing again in September, benefiting only from the fall in the unemployment rate. Robopank market analyst Philip Marie concluded this on Friday.

“The reported 4.8 per cent gives a distorted picture because fewer people seem to have indicated that they are unemployed because they are no longer registered, but not yet employed,” Mary said.

The analyst expects the Fed not to be happy with the report, but continues to look at the long-term trend, and with these numbers, confirms that tapping is guaranteed, “but at a slower pace,” he said. Mary.

The hospitality and leisure sector, which had until July this year and with the bulk of employment growth, failed again in September, as it had in August. “I think the disappearance of this industry after July is very sudden, I think it is related to the delta variant of the corona virus, with which fewer people are sitting on the terrace and the United States is not advancing on the vaccination program. Americans continue to refuse to be vaccinated,” Mary said.

Shortly after the release of the employment report, the euro rose 0.15 percent to $ 1.1574 on Friday afternoon.

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