Steve Kerr says: Golden State Warriors 2nd Gary Payton, Otto Porter Jr., Andre Iguodala questionable for Game 1

Steve Kerr says: Golden State Warriors 2nd Gary Payton, Otto Porter Jr., Andre Iguodala questionable for Game 1

San Francisco — Gary Payton IIAnd the Otto Porter Jr.. And the Andre Iguodala Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Wednesday afternoon that was “doubtful” as the first game of the NBA Finals approaches.

Payton has since been knocked out of the Game 2 semi-finals of the Western Conference after breaking his elbow in a controversial game with Memphis. Dillon Brooks. Porter missed the last game and a half of the Conference Finals due to a sore left foot. Iguodala has missed 30 of his 36 regular season games and all matches so far due to leg and neck injuries.

On Wednesday, Kerr said the trio were fully involved in practice, even squabbling with the team — the first time they’ve made contact since their injuries.

“I still have some boxes to check,” Payton said Tuesday. “Go day in, day out, you know, see what happens and hope for the best…I’m starting to feel normal. I’m still not yet.”

On Wednesday, Porter said he feels good and that being involved in every part of the practice was a good sign.

Iguodala was even more shy when discussing his situation.

β€œIt has been an interesting year with my body,” Iguodala said. “But I’ve been using my brain a lot and I understand that’s a big part of β€” knitting that fabric… just realizing that you can have an effect in a myriad of different ways, just being ready any way I’m asked. If she’s on the court, I hope she’ll As you are, I have to be prepared and stay open to that, and be hopeful about whatever is going on with the body.”

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However, Iguodala’s ultimate goal is “to finish the season with two legs. If you do that, it’s a successful season.”

When Iguodala rejoined the Warriors last summer, there were question marks over how much playing time he had left. The Warriors started resting Iguodala on one end of a row and didn’t rush him back from early season illnesses. The plan throughout was to do whatever it took to make it available for post-season.

Now, it’s not only clear if he’ll be able to contribute to the Warriors’ deep cut-off, but even if he does, how much.

“It goes back to my goals to come back, it’s similar to my feelings when I signed for the first time in 2013 or 14-13,” Iguodala said. “It was the same: it put us back where we were meant to be. We’re back here.”

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