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It’s an insane number of people when you think about playing at the same time, but again with about 8 billion people on the planet, 10 million simultaneous or 100-150 million monthly active users that’s really just a small fraction of the world’s population. Now there are also a lot of people who play on consoles, but it remains a minority compared to the world’s population, while if you ask people in your area who play games, the vast majority will probably touch a game every month.

out of the subject:
It is useful to have the following extension for Chrome, Edge or Firefox:

You can use this to see if there is a better game demo elsewhere on, as an example:
Rimworld on Steam € 32.99:
Rimworld in the Hempel store € 26.39:

You can also enable the following features:
The section at the bottom right with the number of times it takes to finish the game. (main story…..main story + additions….completed)
– Player data from which contains data on how many people own the game, for example in Rimworld this is between 2 and 5 million.
– data shows how many players are currently playing the game.

In addition to that, there are a number of other features, but these are the ones I use or look at the most.

In the Firefox extension store, it has a “Recommended” badge so you can reasonably assume it’s a decent extension.
The recommended extensions are editorially regulated that meet the highest standards of security, functionality and user experience. Firefox staff, along with community involvement, selects and manually reviews each add-on for security and policy compliance before they receive Recommended status. These add-ons may also be eligible for promotions on the AMO homepage and other prominent sites. Developers cannot pay to have their extensions included in this program. ”

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