Starfield Premium review: Masterpiece or just something cool?

Starfield Premium review: Masterpiece or just something cool?

The game review that everyone is talking about, at least on our editorial team. In the vast universe he tries Bethesda Games Studios Pushing the boundaries once again with the latest release, Starfield. The long-awaited space RPG is now out and being played by hundreds of thousands of people. Many think it’s great, and others have their critical comments about the game. It’s time to give our verdict on this game. What do Dan, Gilly, and Kos think of the game after spending dozens of hours in it? Does Bethesda live up to high expectations or are some aspects disappointing? You’ll get the answer in our comprehensive Starfield Premium review.

Is Starfield the epic adventure we were promised?

Starfield invites players on an interstellar adventure, where you as the player take on the role of a space explorer navigating through the unknown regions of space. From the first moment, you are immersed in the vast universe and offer you an adventure full of space stations, spaceships and alien creatures. In the initial stages, Bethesda promised us a lot. The game was the most ambitious project they had ever undertaken. The world they’ve created has never been so rich, and according to Bethesda president Pete Hines, the adventure won’t begin until after the main story. What of all these stories came true? The three space invaders give their opinion in this video.

Big space explorer review

Starfield should make the player feel like they are in space. Bethesda Game Studios worked with renowned astronomers and astrophysicists to ensure that the in-game universe adheres to the laws of physics. This should add some necessary depth to the gameplay. Is this also true? Sit down, because with the click of the play button you’ll start a lively Starfield Premium review discussion.

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