Staphorster Church steps in after ‘serious illness’: Fewer visitors welcome on Sunday | interior

Staphorster Church steps in after 'serious illness': Fewer visitors welcome on Sunday |  interior

With fifty positive tests, the predominantly Christian village had more cases on Tuesday than the entire nearby city of Zwolle. Proportionately, Staphorst had the highest number of positive tests in the Netherlands. Therefore, the Church Council wants to “create a greater distance between church-goers,” Sheikh Jan Tallinn confirms to De Telegraaf on Tuesday evening, following reports from regional media. Not all banks will be used anymore. We always leave a free seat between two rows of people. A portion of the devotees will be invited to the service. Moreover, when they are indoors, people also keep their distance and a place is assigned to them.”

He does not want to comment on a certain maximum number of church-goers. The church – 2,300 seats – hasn’t been fully filled recently. The Reformed Reformed Church in Stavhurst has about five thousand members. The case of the corona is currently being considered from one week to the next. Staphorst’s vaccination rate is currently 56 percent, which is 83 percent nationally.

“The number of infections in our municipality is increasing, and a number of municipality members are seriously ill. We don’t want it to spread from the church. Then this is the responsibility we have to take on. We want to be very careful,” continues Tallinn in Stentor.

seasonal effect

The number of new coronavirus cases has nearly halved nationally. In the past seven days, 17,832 positive tests were recorded, compared to 1,2016 in the previous week – an increase of more than 48 percent. The outbreak has now reached its highest level since late August. The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) stated earlier today that “the expected increase in the fall has begun.” The number of reproductions, which indicates how quickly the coronavirus is spreading, is also increasing. This is now at 1.12.

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