Maxime Milland and teenage mother Loki impress with four hands on one stomach

Maxime Milland and teenage mother Loki impress with four hands on one stomach

Loeki can’t count on her ex-boyfriend’s support during pregnancy, but she can count on Maxime. The reality star knows what it feels like to be pregnant unexpectedly at a young age and being single. “When I decided to keep it, there were a lot of people around me who advised removing the baby,” Maxim says. The same advice that Loeki got, which helps them level up well. “Before that I wasn’t always comfortable with my skin. Claire has really been my salvation.”

Maxim and Wiki meet three weeks before the birth at the future mother’s home. Because of their similar stories, we hit the spot. “She’s totally independent. I wasn’t really that old. She’s very mature and motivated,” Maxim said when speaking to Wiki about the past nine months.

A baby shower is organized, dreams of the future are considered and work on the difficult relationship with Loeki’s mother, from whom she does not receive much support, especially at first. For example, Wiki’s mother looked for another place to live for her daughter, as she would prefer not to live under the same roof with her teenager and grandson.

Viewers live Much Together with independent Loeki. She’s raining positive vibes on social media after this episode of Four hands on one stomach. Especially if she was alone during the start of childbirth.

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