Stage maker in petite dress fights ‘man stereotyped’ at De Slimste | show

Stage maker in petite dress fights 'man stereotyped' at De Slimste |  show

Van Huisstede began experimenting with his looks during his stage training and since then has worn dresses regularly, preferably as short as possible. “I thought: If it can be done inside training walls, it might also be possible outside,” he said during this evening’s broadcast. the smartest person. Also in his theatrical performance Boys will not be boys He breaks the shaft of men who do not conform to the ideal image of a macho man. Here, men who struggle with parenthood, their sexuality or pressure to perform at work, for example, are given space to tell their story. His performance is an ode to the weakness of men.

Van Heustede, who is also a singer and poet, spoke openly about his first meeting with his girlfriend during the broadcast. She came to him after one of his offers to chat. “She was blinking a lot, and I thought: There’s something inside of her, or something like that.” To his surprise, it turned out that it was a courtship attempt. “I thought men in dresses wouldn’t appeal to women. And that you only had one choice: you had to be gay. But that’s not true. There are a lot of women who like that.”

In the end, the stage maker lost in the last twenty seconds of Poet Joost Omen Asked about American actor John Belushi. Omen was in the match for six rounds.

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