Apple website hints at arrival of Apple Watch with 4G support in the Netherlands – Tablets and phones – News

A Dutch support page for Apple Watch models with 4G technology recently appeared on the Apple website. The tech giant has been offering Apple Watch 4G smartwatches for some time, but is not currently selling them in the Netherlands.

NS Dutch support page It explains to users how to set up a cellular connection on the Apple Watch, including Dutch screenshots showing it. The page appears to have been posted recently, and it has been noticed I called up first. Previously, a support article about Apple Watches with 4G referred to the website of the American technology company. The support page also refers to Separate Dutch webpage For Apple Watch with 4G, which is not yet connected to the Internet.

It seems that in addition to its WiFi-enabled smartwatches, Apple will also introduce models with LTE support in the Netherlands. The company already sells Apple Watch 4G models in other countries, including Belgium, Germany, France and the United States.

With the Apple Watch 4G model, users can receive calls, reply to messages, receive notifications, and use other mobile services on the Apple Watch, among other things, without having to pair it with an iPhone. For this, owners can use their regular phone subscription, via eSIM. The service provider may charge additional monthly costs for this. This is already happening in the US, for example, but no specific details are known yet about the Dutch market.

Several Dutch telecom providers currently offer an eSIM, but they do not support Apple Watches. So this may change soon, due to Apple’s support page. The company is expected to introduce the new Apple Watch Series 7 next month, along with new iPhone models. So the company may announce that it will bring variants of the Apple Watch 4G to the Netherlands.

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Screenshots from the 4G Apple Watch Dutch support page. Pictures via Apple

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