Squatters organize a demonstration on the dam against the Freedom Party’s election victory

Squatters organize a demonstration on the dam against the Freedom Party's election victory

A demonstration will be organized tonight in Dam Square by the squatters’ movement against the Freedom Party’s election victory. The group on social media calls for a protest against the right-wing party’s victory at 7:30 p.m.

The group was shocked by the victory of Geert Wilders’ party, and wants to make a statement of opposition tonight. “In the midst of the Gaza genocide, the Netherlands chose Islamophobia. But the left has not yet been defeated in the streets,” Krakenburg 020 said on Twitter. Instagram. “Speak out against Islamophobia, against racism, against homophobia. Speak out about the fight for climate. Together we will fight harder than ever.”

A spokesman for the city’s mayor, Femke Halsema, told AT5 that the demonstration by the squatters group was not registered, “but this is also not a legal obligation.” According to the official spokesman, the municipality considers the basic right to demonstrate very important and will facilitate this as much as possible. The organization announced that the demonstration may still be recorded.


The group of squatters has occupied a plot of land in the Amstelveen area since the end of May Kronenburg. On that piece of land, it became clear in July, No houses were built Because the location is exactly under the flight path to Schiphol. The plan was to build thousands of student homes, but according to the government, this could be done elsewhere.

The squatters, who renamed the parcel Krakenburg, felt they could live on the vacant land. They were able to erect huts, camps and other structures and the landowners welcomed the arrival of the squatters. They stated that they understand the students’ situation because the shortage of rooms is very great, which is why they did not report the incident.

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