Dumping prices have an impact: tickets for Andre Hazys’ concert in Ahoy are sold out | Displays

Dumping prices have an impact: tickets for Andre Hazys' concert in Ahoy are sold out |  Displays

The 29-year-old singer used websites such as actievandedag.nl, kortingspret.nl and vakantieveilingen.nl to buy entrance tickets, which usually cost around 70 euros. Selling at dump prices. Haze, who will perform for the ninth time at Ahoy on November 25, had difficulty filling the nearly 16,000 available slots at Rotterdam’s popular temple. Tickets for the second episode in Ahoy were auctioned off on vakantieveilingen.nl, often for less than half the original price.

This trick was effective because Hazes’ website now displays the text “SOLD OUT” for Saturday’s performance. If you still want tickets, it’s too late. This must have been a huge relief for the son of the late folk singer Andre Hazys. In 2017 he performed twice for the first time in Ahoy, where he returned successfully in 2018 (three times) and 2019 (also three times). After becoming involved in alcoholism, which he successfully kicked the habit, he changed his musical genre. His private life was also often in the news. His new singles did not reach the charts and ticket sales were slow as well.

Now he can come back solo for the sold-out single Ahoy. He also previously returned during Netherlands Zingit Haze offers In Ziggo Dome.

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