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The American Squarespace announces that it is acquiring website host Google Domains. All Google service assets go to Squarespace and all domains registered in Domains are moved to the Squarespace servers.

in Squarespace blog post Existing Domains customers will continue to be covered by the current Google Terms and Prices for at least 12 months. That will only become relevant once the deal becomes official, which is expected to be in the third quarter of 2023.

About ten million domains will be transferred to the new company. In her own words, “Google Domains customers are also encouraged to create a website using Squarespace tools.” This encouragement also includes the transition to the subscription structure of the latter. Google confirms Nothing will change on the existing websites, but customers will eventually have to switch to Squarespace’s payment system. Both companies say they support this.

There’s also the problem with Google Workspace. A domain can be created via universal subscription for professionals and companies. Squarespace writes that it will become the “exclusive domain provider for at least the next three years” for Workspace customers who create a domain through this service.

One source says it’s not officially known how much Squarespace paid for Google’s assets against Bloomberg It is about 180 million US dollars. There has been no indication yet that Google wants to stop serving their own domains. In March 2022, the service became fully operational only after a beta phase of more than 7.5 years.

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