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Square Enix Harvestella will be released in November. This is a farming simulation and RPG game very similar to Stardew Valley, but Harvestella also adds dark elements to the story. This means that you can also fight.

makers row Harvestella as a life simulation RPG where players can enjoy everyday life, talk to others and go on adventures. So it is possible to fill the day with tasks of farming, fishing, raising livestock, making tools and chatting with other inhabitants. It is also possible prison cell To enter and fight monsters. You can do this by choosing from different functions, such as Fighter, Shadow Walker, or Mage.

In the world of Harvestella, the season changes every 30 days. After spring, summer, fall and winter follows a fifth season called Quietus. In this dark season, crops perish and deadly dust ensures that you will not be able to walk outside. It is therefore important to align agricultural life and activities with the arrival of Quietus, also known as the season of death.

The story revolves around four large crystals that lead to a stable transition between the four seasons. At some point, the crystals started behaving abnormally, causing them to calm down. As a player it is important to find a way to stop this. Harvestella will be released on November 4th on Nintendo Switch and on Steam.

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