Metallica’s COVID pollution: performance at Rock Werchter 2022 is unstable

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Metallica’s performance at Frauenfield Rocks in Switzerland tonight (June 29) has been cancelled. This is what makes the festival now a favour† The reason is Covid infection within the Metallica family. Metallica is the headline for Friday after two days Rock Werchester 2022

At the moment, there is no official information about the show at Rock Werchter 2022 and the concert is still planned. More information is expected in the coming hours.

Update 11:56: Rock Werchter 2022 reacts to the situation

In a statement, the band replies:

“It is with a sad heart we have to announce that unfortunately we cannot perform at Frauenfeld because a member of the Metallica family has tested positive for Covid despite the strictest hygiene measures. We regret by all accounts the disappointment of our fans.”

At Fraunfield Rocks, Metallica He was replaced by Five Finger Death Punch, who was supposed to perform before Metallica today. The schedule has been modified, and no additional domains will be added. Ticket holders can choose to request a refund, or decide to take a discount of €50. The ticket was originally about 140 euros.

Speculation about possible scenarios at Rock Werchter 2022 is now in full swing in Rock Werchter Forum From Festelex.

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