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Kingdom Hearts 4 is officially in the making. Square Enix confirms this in the form of a new trailer for the game. There is still no release date and list of platforms on which the game should appear.

The trailer was shown to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts; The first game in the franchise was released on March 28, 2002. Square Enix celebrated its anniversary in Tokyo with a live appearance from the game developers. In the same trailer, a Kingdom Hearts mobile game called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link was also announced for the first time. It has closed beta testing for iOS and Android in 2022. In addition, a new chapter of another mobile game is shown in the trailer.

In the fourth part announcement among others Shared by Kotaku, Square is talking about this new story called Lost Master Arc. It takes place in the Quadratum world, consisting of a realistic looking city. From the very beginning, the main character Sora will face a great enemy. A new character, Strelitzia, was also introduced, and Donald and Goofy were revised.

While the platforms haven’t been announced yet, the previous Kingdom Hearts appeared “by a number” on PS4 and Xbox One, followed by Windows and Switch a few years later.

Kingdom Hearts IV demo begins at 4:06, before two mobile games are shown

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