Spotify removes tens of thousands of AI songs using fake listeners

Spotify removes tens of thousands of AI songs using fake listeners

The deleted songs were uploaded through Boomy, which allows users to create songs “within seconds” using artificial intelligence and upload them to various streaming platforms. The more tracks are listened to, the more they earn from it. Spotify deletes about 7 percent of songs uploaded via Boomy. reports Financial Times.

Boomy songs have been removed on suspicion of tampering with the streaming numbers. In addition, the software acts as a human listener in order to increase royalty payments. Spotify confirms to the newspaper that it has removed part of the Boomy material.

Bomi says she is “against any form of manipulation or artificial streaming.” The company is in talks with Spotify about restoring part of its catalog. According to the startup, users have created more than 14 million songs in total.

The music industry sees the AI ​​mood hanging

Concerns are growing in the music industry about both the advancement of AI in music creation and the manipulation of streaming platforms’ systems. Over a hundred thousand new songs are added to services like Spotify every day. Music giant Universal Music has reported suspicious streaming activities of Boomy songs to Spotify, writes the Financial Times.

A Universal executive said last week that he was concerned about the “exponential development of artificial intelligence”. According to him, this leads to new legal issues, because the software that can create music has been trained using existing copyrighted material.

Universal recently called on music services to ban AI systems from their platforms. The company made the call after a song featuring the voices of Drake and The Weeknd using artificial intelligence went viral.

“Spotify is better at handling detection”

The use of AI in creating music and “buying streams” isn’t new in and of itself, but both problems have increased exponentially in recent months. A lot of websites advertise the option to buy thousands of Spotify streams for a few bucks.

Spotify CEO Antoine Monin recently said vs shining The company has recently gotten better at detecting manipulative behavior. “We have invested in technology to prevent artificial influence on the number of streams listened to. Spotify has achieved relatively good results in this field compared to other music services. We have made great progress. This is also a very important topic for the music industry.” Monin said.

He does not want to say exactly how Spotify recognizes that there is “artificial behaviour”. “Every detail about this can help people with evil intentions.” The CEO also points to a French study that estimated between 1 and 3 percent of all streams on Spotify, Deezer and Qobuz in 2021 were fraudulent. Most of the artists are unknown. On Spotify, 85 percent of streams detected as fraudulent were songs outside the top 10,000.

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