Spotify removes “car display” function from mobile app – tablets and phones – news

Spotify stuck with file car width in its application. This is a simplified interface that should be easier to operate during a car trip. Spotify does not offer a replacement for functionality in its software.

Photo via @popsy444 on Twitter

According to Spotify confirmed in October Already in his forum that the post will be retired. It then happened step by step, so that users can still use the function on their phones, while others can’t. A short test using an Android device confirms that the latest available version of the app no ​​longer actually offers a view of the car, but only options for setting up Spotify Car Thing.

Which car thing It is a small tablet-like device with voice control and physical buttons. Spotify runs on it and connects via bluetooth to the car audio system. Besides the fact that it is a physical product, another big difference is that Car Thing only works with Spotify Premium. At the moment, it’s also available in America only for $79.99.

Spotify motivated the decision in October by saying that they were “actively looking at new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience.” Moreover, the car’s display had to be removed from the app “to make room for new innovations on the horizon”. The company also suggests using Siri or Google Assistant to control the car.

The Spotify Car Thing, the only car-focused solution left from Spotify

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