Presenter Who Didn’t Hear Adele’s CD Offers Apology On TV | to watch

Presenter Who Didn't Hear Adele's CD Offers Apology On TV |  to watch

Australian broadcaster who recently interviewed Adele about her latest album 30 Without listening to him he apologized. Matt Doran told viewers of the show Seven Weekend Surprise Yesterday, all the criticism he had to put up with for his fault was entirely his fault.

Doran flew to London to interview the British singer, but said he missed the “most important email of his life” containing a link to the album preview the day after it arrived. He described it as a “fatal mistake”.

Adele reportedly pulled out of the interview after finding out that Doran had not listened to her new record at all, but the Australian disputed this. However, there was a lot of criticism online about his mistake, something he also dealt with on Saturday’s broadcast. “Most of all the criticism I deserve and is totally justified.”

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According to Doran, Adele is “deep and funny,” but she offended her by losing the album link. However, it wouldn’t be “deliberately disrespectful” to the multiple Grammy Award winner.

Because Doran didn’t prepare well and The record was not heardHowever, record company Sony does not want to publish material from the interview. Duran blames himself for that. “I also want to apologize to Adele’s Australian fans and viewers, who were denied this interview and a look at her character because of my fault.”

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