Sources – Ben Simmons’ agent meets the Philadelphia 76ers, but the two sides are nowhere near a solution

Sources - Ben Simmons' agent meets the Philadelphia 76ers, but the two sides are nowhere near a solution

With the NBA trading deadline expiring a month later, Ben SimmonsAgent’ — Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul — met with Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey and General Manager Elton Brand on Wednesday, and the two sides remain deadlocked over the immediate future of the All-Star goalkeeper, ESPN sources reported.

Sources have told ESPN that Simmons is no closer to honoring the team’s hopes of returning to the field this season – and the Sixers’ steep asking price has not brought Simmons any closer to a potential deal.

He described the meeting at a restaurant in downtown Philadelphia as friendly and professional, but Morey reiterated the franchise’s position that he would not trade Simmons unless he believed the return would give her a chance to compete for a championship, sources said.

Paul told The Sixers that Simmons’ mental health hurdles still prevented him from returning to play for the team, and the desire to get out of Philadelphia remained.

Simmons, 25, was signed during the 2024-25 season – a five-year contract, maxed out at $177 million – and is still subject to hefty fines for missed matches and absence from team jobs.

The Sixers (23-16) won seven-game winning streak interference Wednesday, but remained outside the feud among the Eastern Conference’s elite teams without Simmons to share with the All-NBA Center. Joel Embiid.

Sources said the Sixers are targeting the top 25 players of trading caliber, but these types of assets have not yet been made available to them at shows. Some teams have even described the Sixers’ asking price for the Simmons deal as an increase in price — not a drop, sources told ESPN.

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