February 1, 2023

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Sony will make demos of some games on Playstation Plus Premium – Games – News

Sony will be developing time-limited demos of some of the new games it is offering on Playstation Plus Premium. This Kotaku editor-in-chief wrote after it became known that Sony will be ordering these demos for some games on Playstation Plus Premium.

Earlier this week came to light That developers, who develop new games at a “bulk” cost of more than 33 euros per title, will require Sony to provide time-limited demos. The demos will be used on your next Playstation Plus Premium subscription.

Kotaku editor-in-chief Ethan Gatsch now writes on Twitter that Sony will develop these limited-time demos on its own. This should save extra work, but this action brings according to gatch Also interested in game developers. After all, they fear that Sony will want to take a cut of the game’s profit. The company has yet to officially respond to development news or limited-time demos.

Previous reports indicate that time-limited demos should be at least two hours long. Game developers can submit trials to Sony for up to three months after a game has been submitted. The company will then use them in their PlayStation Plus Premium subscription plan where the demos will be available for download for at least 12 months. It is said that this measure is not retroactive. That is, games that have already been released should not have a similar limited-time offer. This procedure also does not apply to current or upcoming PlayStation VR games. Developers can also submit custom demos instead of time-limited versions. Sony will then check them piece by piece and allow them access to the platform.

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end of March Sony announced They are in the process of launching new PlayStation Plus subscriptions called PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium. PlayStation Plus Essential costs 8.99 and will replace your existing Playstation Plus subscription. Players will continue to receive two free games per month, cloud storage for game saves and online multiplayer. PlayStation Plus Extra costs €13.99 per month and users can download additional games from a catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games. The premium will cost 16.99 euros. This will also allow players to stream 340 games on PlayStation 3. In addition, a “catalogue of beloved classics” will be available for both live streaming and download games on the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP devices. It is also possible to play trial versions to see if the game meets the expectations of players. The current PlayStation Now bundle will disappear. New subscription forms are coming On June 22 to Europe.

Noun Contents cost
Plus Basic 2 downloads per month
cloud storage
Online multiplayer
8.99 euros per month
24.99 € quarterly
59.99 euros per year
Plus Extra Everything from Essential
Download 400 PS4 and PS5 games
13.99 € per month
€39.99 quarterly
99.99 euros per year
Plus Premium Everything from Essential and Extra
Stream PS3 games
Download and stream PSX, PS2, and PSP games
gaming experiences
16.99 € per month
€49.99 quarterly
119.99 euros per year