Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones may not have longer battery life after all – picture and sound – news

I reset XM4 because I blindly assumed that just like XM1, XM2, and XM3, it would also support aptX.
Moreover, the sound was not as good as the XM3, and the additional features are useless.

The XM5’s design also doesn’t seem to be the most pleasant to wear for a longer period of time, with a thinner (even) headband causing a larger pressure point.

john lol … buy an XM3! More connectivity options and it’s really worth it. They can still be found and are much cheaper now than the XM4 or XM5.

I think headphones from this (price) range should also support aptX.
It may be personal, but I mostly use my XM3 with bluetooth with aptX-LL or HD channels and SBC can’t compete with that. Replacing all of that with LDAC is an expensive joke and not really suitable for applications.

LDAC is great if you use good source material.
By the way, DSEE only works with low-resolution audio and doesn’t really come close to good (lossless) sound quality.

You should be able to disable multipoint connections. It’s useless when devices automatically connect to the stuff…and in my case always the wrong stuff.
This should also be clearly stated on both transmitters and receivers when switching back to SBC on a multipoint connection. This has led me several times to use rude language and return a product that does not match the description.

Sony app… well… why do I have to go online to accept the terms of use for an offline app?

What would be nice about the app is an option to modify the connected/registered bluetooth devices. Then you don’t have to reset the headset completely or you can prioritize specific devices. My WF-1000XM4 earphones have a role in this. When I listen on my phone (in LDAC), suddenly the SBC connection (because yes, there is no aptX in current Sony chipsets) with another channel seems to be more interesting.

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Just on topic…

Great and important battery life of 30 or 40 hours.

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