Sony Music ends collaboration with Lil Kleine

Sony Music ends collaboration with Lil Kleine

Sony Music statement: ‘Sony Music takes the allegations against Lil Kleine seriously and in no way condones the behavior depicted in the photos circulating on social media. This seriously conflicts with our company values. Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands and Sony Music Publishing Netherlands have decided to end their working relationship with Lil Kleine’.

The company declined to comment on the incident earlier this week.

Lil Kleine recently announced his partnership with Sony Music after he reported his split from his record label TopNotch. TopNotch, released earlier this month Ibiza stories Released, on Friday he said he didn’t want anything to do with the rapper. The label stopped promoting Lil Klein’s music.

Lil Klein is said to have put the head of his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss in the car door. The investigative judge ruled, on Wednesday, that the 27-year-old artist, whose real name is Jorek Schulten, was allowed to leave the cell pending an investigation. The Public Prosecution has appealed this decision.

The fact that Sony Music has been silent for so long about the violent incident involving Lil Kleine is something Rob Goossens and Luuk Ikink disagree with. The two were surprised last week by not responding.

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