Sony Michel: Rams GM trade reveals previous first-round pick plan, and what inspired LA to acquire it

Sony Michel: Rams GM trade reveals previous first-round pick plan, and what inspired LA to acquire it

Sony Michael It is a much needed addition to Los Angeles rams backfield, especially after the team lost Cam Akers General with an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Rams general manager Les Snead has apparently explored all options in the wake of Akers’ injury, trading 2022 fifth and sixth round picks from the previous first round. The picks circulated in Los Angeles could potentially become a fourth-rounder, if the Rams get a fourth-round compensatory pick in the offseason next season.

gave the rams New England Patriots Possible high pick on the third day for a reason. Michel will play, but is not expected to make a featured back in Los Angeles.

“This will be a complementary back area,” Rams general manager Les Snead told reporters on Wednesday. “What he brings is this element of making a cut, going north and south and going north and south with some force. The physics he brings to the table — let’s call it a flavor of the kind that we felt complemented our collection.”

still have rams Daryl Henderson In their back field, but not too far behind. Jake FunkAnd Xavier Jones, And Raymond Calais A look was taken during pre-season, although it was clear that the Rams needed an upgrade to spell Henderson.

Michelle and Henderson compliment each other, similar to how Henderson did the same with Akers last season. Akers eventually took on the leading role, but Rams coach Sean McVeigh prefers to have two backs in his attack – hence the reason why Michelle would be vital in L.A. going forward.

“We selected Sony for many reasons,” Snead said. “Number one, being his experience — and his experience, in the sense that he’s like the player who carried the ball in the big games and in those big games, where there were big moments, big motivation, big streak — is the experience he played in, how he was trained. So, one of the Those guys. If we were going to go the path of experience, he was someone he would definitely look up to right from the start.”

The Rams are still trying to put the puzzle pieces together with their backs, especially how Henderson and Michelle will compliment each other. Jones and Funk still have backfield roles, but they won’t be as prominent as they were headed into Wednesday.

“I think we’ve definitely seen enough to go, ‘Well, in this photo with Jake and Xavier, that’s how they can contribute. Let’s call it Sunday night for the rams. And that’s how they can contribute after four or five weeks,” Snead said. And again, it now comes in phases and stages.

“It could be Sunday night against the Bears role. This could be a future role. Then all of a sudden, some unexpected adversity, or attrition, happens and the role just changed and it became a more significant role.”

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