Sony gave the impression that Days Gone was a huge disappointment, according to developer

A painful ex-Sony employee creates a very false image, and the media, in this case, is quietly going without giving context.

Ghost of Tsushima has sold 8 million copies in less than six months.
Days Gone sold 8 million copies in 19 months.
Find the differences…

In addition, you also have what it cost and what resulted (the difference between them is profit). These are numbers that we don’t have insight into, nor does the ex-manager of one of the companies, only Sony have those numbers for both subsidiaries.

Then you also have to look again, what do you produce? Big Brother brought in a lot of money, a lot of viewers and very little costs, but are you proud of it like a NOVA documentary that costs more and reduces a lot? Literature (which hardly anyone wants to read) versus literature. A quick novel (everyone can read it). Devil Spirit Vs. candy crush…

I haven’t played both games, but when I look at the Days Gone show, it feels like another zombie game from an open world… When I watched the movie on from Ghost of Tsushima, I was like, “Too bad it’s now a PS exclusive and a must.” me from waiting so long for a computer port!”.

As for the Metacritic score, I can imagine the company thinks it matters, and it seems a lot of other consumers still think it matters and they buy it (three times faster than Days Gone). Even scored it a much higher 4 vs. 4.7 (out of five) and a lot of other reviewers also scored, 7.1 (average) something different than 8.3 (out of ten). Even Metacritic users scored significantly higher (8.4 vs. 9.1). Is it wrong then that Sony attaches so much importance to this? Especially since we don’t have much insight into what their marketing research says about these numbers and sales?

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