Rico Verhoeven’s friend responds to Steenrijk’s post, Too Poor

Rico Verhoeven's friend responds to Steenrijk's post, Too Poor

their participation in rich and broke It was a rather stretchy thing for Naomi and Isaiah. Where they usually spend the week at 1250 euros, mother and son now had to settle for only 80 euros. This is how much Frisian mother Anushka and her 17-year-old daughter Sienna have to spend.

After the broadcast, the personal trainer was flooded with reactions. Naomi says she looks at the adventure with a good feeling. Hello dear people, I just want to thank you for all the lovely messages you sent. They are really good to me,” she began telling her Instagram story. “The other family is very special. We had a great bond and that’s what I was hoping for, and I think they are.”

She concludes with the beautiful words: “Be generous and give love, for that is the essence of life. Sharing means caring.

Naomi didn’t just get “rich”: By building a successful sports empire, she’s been hammering her cash register well in recent years. Now she is reaping the rewards of her hard work and says on Instagram that by participating in the show she wants to show her teenage son that “not everything is so clear”.

rich and broke It airs every Wednesday at 8.30pm on SBS6.

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