Sony Bravia XR-42A90K Review – Tweakers

Sony Bravia XR-42A90K Review - Tweakers


With the Sony Bravia XR-42A90K, Sony brings to the market a TV that should deliver superior performance in an easy 42-inch format. With this, Sony is targeting a relatively large group of users who can afford quality, but don’t have space for a large device or don’t want to give it space, that was undoubtedly the intention, but unfortunately it didn’t really work, mainly due to the old MediaTek chipset, Which severely limits the HDMI interface.

It has become clear in recent years: housing costs money, a lot of money. As a result, it may be nice that you earn well, but you still want a small TV. Until a few years back, this meant that your choice of the right TV was limited to budget models; Smaller has always been noticeably lower quality and certainly not suitable for office work or gaming. LCD TV manufacturers have kept fancy gadgets like quantum dots and local dimming especially for larger devices. OLED TVs under 55 inches haven’t been around for a long time, so the smaller size has been inferior in the area of ​​HDR picture quality.

The market has now responded to this, among other things, with smaller OLED sizes: 48 and 42 inches, based on the same technology as the larger screens. Single white pixel delivers high brightness and red, green and blue pixels for pure color reproduction. That, along with OLED’s infinite contrast, was previously only possible on large TVs, phones and laptops.

The range of small OLED TVs is still not large. Initially there’s LG with the 42″-C2 and now Sony with the Bravia XR-42A90K. Both devices use the same panel from LG Display, but the execution is a little different. With the price Sony is asking at the time of writing, 1,950 euros on their website and 1,649 Euros in the list stores on Pricewatch, it seems that Sony wants to give the best uncompromising performance in this form.

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On the Sony website We find terms like ‘the ultimate OLED experience’, ‘Major Series’ and ‘OLED XR OLED Pro contrast’. We’ll find out what this means and it better be true, especially when you consider it for 1321 euros in Dell The Alienware AW3423DW You have and 999 euros LG C2 42 inch can buy.

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