Johnny De Mall has permanently discontinued as a presenter for HLF8

Johnny De Mall has permanently discontinued as a presenter for HLF8


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Johnny De Mol will no longer be a talk show host HLF8 on SBS6. This confirms producer Talpa, having reported to Shownieuws.

De Mall halted its activities at the end of April after one institution reported a sexual assault. He denied the allegations, but said on his talk show that it had become “impossible” for him to continue his work. He said to step down temporarily.

His ex-partner Shema Kaise had previously reported an assault and attempted murder in 2015, when they were still in a relationship. The attorney general recently dismissed the report of the assault and attempted murder of Casey. According to prosecutors, there was little evidence of the lawsuit.

difficult period

Now De Mol has decided to stop permanently as a talk show host. “Despite the positive results of the investigation, the impact of this entire period on Johnny is greater than expected,” Talpa’s statement said. “So he wants to focus completely on his own well-being and that of his immediate environment.”

Talk show HLF8 It was introduced in recent months by Helen Hendricks and Leonie ter Brac. They will continue to do so for now.

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