February 7, 2023

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Sony announces 65-inch and 55-inch QD OLED TVs and small LED-backlit LCD TVs – Sound and Vision – News

Sony introduces 2022 lineup of Bravia TVs. Two of them have a QD OLED panel. This applies to models with screen sizes 65″ and 55″. The range also includes regular 42″ to 77″ OLED TVs and Sony’s first LCD TVs with mini LED backlights.

Sony has put QD OLED TVs in the new A95K series. According to the manufacturer Screen technology offers a wider color gamut and higher brightness compared to traditional OLED panels. However, Sony does not specify the degree of brightness that TVs achieve.

It is clear that Sony is buying QD OLED panels from Samsung. Samsung Display is the only manufacturer known to make such panels. QD OLED panels consist of blue OLEDs with green and red dot filters. So far, OLED TVs have LG OLED panels that consist of white OLEDs with RGB color filters in front of them.

Sony gives QD OLED TVs its Cognitive Processor XR for image processing. That was also on last year’s high-end models. Also, TVs have Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio function, in which the screen panel is used to produce sound.

It has not yet been announced when the A95K TVs will be released and what they will cost. Sony announced the devices at CES Electronics, but it didn’t actually show up at the show. This also applies to all other TVs announced by Sony.

A90K and A80K Series: 42″ to 77″ OLED TVs

Sony is introducing more new OLED TVs, but they don’t have the new QD OLED panels. For TVs in the A90K series, Sony uses LG’s new 42-inch panel and 48-inch variant. According to Sony, the A90K models also belong to the Master series of top-ranked TVs. Beneath that, Sony places the A80K series. It has regular 4K OLED TVs of 77, 65 and 55 inches.

Z9K and X95k series: 8k and 4K TVs with mini LED backlight

In the Master Series Z9K, Sony is offering two 8k LCD TVs with small LED backlights. These are the 85″ and 75″ models. There will also be 4K versions in the X95K series in 85″, 75″ and 65″ formats. Sony is equipping these TVs with the new XR Backlight Master Drive, which is what Sony calls the control mini LEDs.

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They are the first Sony TVs with LED backlighting. The predecessors of the Z9J and X95J series had full local dimming. This works with hundreds of LEDs, while our Mini LED Taillights are equipped with thousands of LEDs. Sony did not specify the exact number. Samsung and LG actually released mini LED TVs last year in their Neo QLED and QNED series. Sony does not provide details about the brightness of its Mini LED TVs.

X90K-EN X85K- LCD Monitor

At the bottom of the range, Sony places the X90K and X85K series of LCD TVs. The former has a false backlight. The second must be discarded local dimming. The X85K series is also the only series not equipped with the XR Cognitive Processor, but with the older 4K HDR X1 processor. These LCD TVs come in sizes from 40″ to 85″.

sony bravia series fencing technique Formats Image Wizard
Z9K key series 8k LCD with mini LED backlight 85 inches, 77 inches Cognitive Processor XR
Master Series X95K 4K-LCD met a small backlight 75 inch, 65 inch Cognitive Processor XR
Master Series A95K 4K-QD-You 65 inch, 55 inch Cognitive Processor XR
A90K key chain You are 4K 48 inches, 42 inches Cognitive Processor XR
A80 K You are 4K 77″, 65″, 55″ Cognitive Processor XR
X90 kg 4K-LCD met local dimming 85″, 77″, 65″, 55″ Cognitive Processor XR
X85K 4K-LCD 85″, 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″, 43″ 4K HDR Processor X1

HDMI 2.1 Features: VRR immediately available

Sony is also giving an overview of the HDMI 2.1 features that will be available on different TVs. According to the manufacturer, variable refresh rate support will be available as soon as the TVs come out. This was not the case in 2021. Sony promised updates, but when they will be available is not yet known.

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Model 1 . HDMI port HDMI 2 . port HDMI 3 . port HDMI 4 . port
Z9K 18 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, 48 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, eARC, 48 Gbit/s 4K120, 8K60, 40 Gbit/s
A95K 18 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, eARC, 48 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, 48 Gbit/s
A80 K 18 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, eARC, 48 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, 48 Gbit/s
X95 kg 18 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, eARC, 48 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, 48 Gbit/s
X90 kg 18 Gbit/s 18 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, eARC, 48 Gbit/s 4K120, VRR, ALLM, 48 Gbit/s

Features of Google TV and PlayStation 5

All 2022 Sony TVs run with Google TV as an operating system and have Apple AirPlay support. In addition, Sony TVs will have a rating of “Perfect for PlayStation 5”. The console can recognize the connected TV and then automatically adjust the HDR settings to the maximum screen brightness. Sony calls this Auto HDR Tone Mapping. Bravia TVs also detect if the console is playing a game or, say, a movie and screen settings are adjusted accordingly.