Sonos will launch Era speakers with Bluetooth, USB-C, and Wi-Fi 6 in March ‘ – Image and sound News

Sonos will release the Era 100 and 300 at the end of March, writes The Verge based on sources with knowledge of the new smart speakers. The products will have USB-C, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Edge appears Also marketing pictures of the two wireless headphones. The Era 100 is similar to the Sonos One in size and shape, though the new speaker has a second speaker for stereo sound and bass performance is also said to be improved.

On the other hand, the Era 300 is designed for spatial audio and supports Dolby Atmos. The size of this speaker falls roughly between the Sonos One and Five. There are a total of six drivers to direct sound in all directions. They can also be used as back channels in conjunction with, for example, Sonos Arc and Beam.

Sonos Era 100 and on the right the Era 300. Photos: the edge

In addition to Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6, there’s support for Airplay 2. As far as USB-C is concerned, Sonos will sell an input adapter to play audio over this path. There seems to be no 3.5mm connection.

Sonos might consider the Era 100 for $250, slightly more than the One’s price. The Era 300 is expected to be priced around $450, which is less than the Sonos Five. Both speakers will be available over the next month.

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