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Sonos has reintroduced the Flex speaker subscription, allowing customers to use Sonos speakers again for a fixed monthly price. The cheapest subscription became €5 more expensive per month and additional products were added to the subscription.

Just like the pilot Sonos launched in the fall of 2019, Flex is a service which is currently only available in the Netherlands. The service previously consisted of three subscriptions, one of which remains. This is now called the basic two-room subscription and costs five euros more per month than before. The subscription also includes new products like the Era 100 speakers, which the company announced in March.

Flex per month can be canceled after three months, after four months customers can modify the subscription once a year to add another speaker, for example. In addition, the service includes a Sonos Radio HD subscription with ad-free music and lossless audio. Subscribers will receive a new speaker in case it is accidentally broken.

Users can get refurbished products, which Sonos says they’re testing extensively. Sonos says it wants to bring subscription to more markets, but doesn’t provide details on that matter. The company confirms that it is still the owner of the headphones. So it is not an installment purchase.

Subscription name products monthly amount The recommended price of the products
2 basic rooms 2x single 19.95 euros 458 euros
2 rooms plus 2x ERA of 100 24.95 euros 558 euros
2 rooms pro Era of 100+ movement 34.95 euros 728 euros
2 premium rooms 2x five 49.95 euros 1298 euros
Basics of surround sound Ray + 2x One SL 29.95 euros 697 euros
Surround sound system plus Ray + 2x Era 100 34.95 euros 857 euros
Surround sound system Beam + Sub Mini + 2x Era 100 59.95 euros 1606 euros
Distinctive stereo sound Arc + Sub + 2x Era 100 99.95 euros 2456 euros

Sonos products in Flex subscription. From left to right: One, One SL, Era 100, Move, Five, Ray, Beam, Sub Mini, Arc and Sub.

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