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Matomo logo (80px)Matomo version 4.10.1 has been released. Matomo is an open source alternative to Google Analytics† It uses php and a MySQL database to do its job. Function can be easily extended with Add-ons, of which more than twenty are included. Of course you can also turn it off if certain functions are not needed. For more information about Matomo, please refer to This page† The release notes for this release are as follows:

what’s new?

This release contains several fixes for regressions discovered in Matomo release 4.10.0, mainly related to VueJS continuous migration work and a regression caused by security tightening for the Apache static file service. We are grateful to all members of the community who have reported their feedback and suggestions, our wonderful team of translators for their work, and Premium Membership Benefits customers and Matomo Cloud Hosting Customers for their amazing support. 5 tickets 2 contributors have been closed!

matomo-org / matomo

  • #19209 Show spark lines correctly in KPI when using clips
  • #19251 fix manifest.json send HTTP status 403
  • # 19241 Set the default hasExtraPlugin in the campaign builder component to true
  • # 19237 Make CustomDimensions available in the Slide Editor
  • # 19262 Set the default null/false value in FieldNumber to 0 to match the previous behavior


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