Salem the Witch was officially acquitted after 329 years | right Now

Salem the Witch was officially acquitted after 329 years |  right Now

It took more than three centuries, but the “last Salem witch” was finally acquitted. On Thursday, the US state of Massachusetts confirmed that Elizabeth Johnson, who was sentenced to death in 1693 for witchcraft, will receive justice 329 years later.

Johnson was one of the many victims of the so-called Salem Witch Trials, the most famous witch trial in US history.

In the years following the witch trials, many convicts were posthumously acquitted. Johnson was the last person who didn’t actually do that. Despite her death sentence, she was not executed.

The Johnson case surfaced again last year when a group of high school students investigated the woman’s fate. Senator Diana DeZulio took over the case and promised to rehabilitate Johnson.

“We will never be able to change what happened to victims like Elizabeth, but at least we can make things right,” Desoulio said.

During the infamous Salem witch trials, 150 people were imprisoned for witchcraft.

A total of 20 innocent women and men were murdered in Salem for witchcraft. Thirteen women and six men were hanged. One man was persecuted. Seven people died in prison.

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