“So, you’re Patrick Mahomes?” – Cowboys CB Trayvon Diggs’ son had a funny way of saying hello to Dak Prescott

"So, you're Patrick Mahomes?"  - Cowboys CB Trayvon Diggs' son had a funny way of saying hello to Dak Prescott

The final episode of the 2021 season on HBO’s “Hard Knox” saw a particularly precious moment.

Aiden Diggs, son of the Cowboys Cornback Tryvon Diggs and nephew of Buffalo Bills recipients Stefon DiggsNo stranger to the NFL world.

‘Emma train to Duck Prescott“He’s my favorite midfielder in the whole world,” Aiden said while wearing Prescott’s jersey.

Moments later, the Cowboys quarterback walked through the door, but Aiden seemed to have the impression that Prescott was the signal caller for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“If you are Patrick Mahomes? “

Fortunately for all parties involved, the flaw was quickly cleared up.

But Aiden’s time with Duck didn’t end there. Later in the show, Prescott showed a touchdown dance that his uncle might have to repeat in the regular season.

Perhaps Aiden Prescott and Mahomes will be seen in action on November 21 when the Cowboys travel to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Chiefs.

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