Snel attacks his car to support the terminally ill Pleun (7)

Snel attacks his car to support the terminally ill Pleun (7)

Meanwhile, the rainbow colors symbolize the struggle of the girl and her parents against the bad disease. To raise money for further research on Batten’s disease, Billion’s parents devised various procedures. Like selling rainbow ice cream. A portion of the proceeds go to the Beat Batten Foundation.

rainbow ice cream

To contribute, Snelle gave his race car an amazing makeover. The car reads what it’s all about: “Pleun’s rainbow ice cream.” With this, the rapper wants to draw attention to her illness. He shared on Instagram a video of him tearfully running in the brightly colored car, with Pleun in the passenger seat.

Pleun special. My little friend made her own rainbow ice cream,” the singer wrote. He also mentions where ice cream is available.

Pleun’s parents also share a video of the two friends rocking to the music. Their daughter holds a colored ice cream cone in her hand. “What a great day we had yesterday during the launch of the promotional car,” the video reads. to melt.

Pleun’s mother spoke to Pleun’s mother, Evelien Musch, last year. At first I thought her daughter only needed glasses, but There was a lot going on.

It took a long time before it became clear what Pleun was suffering from. “In fact, the neurologist sent us a message: Go and make good memories and good luck.”

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